My research has resulted in 1 book chapter and 29 scientific articles (22 in Q1 journals), 10 as 1st author (and 12 as 2nd author), all published in prestigious international journals included in the Science Citation Index (SCI) from generalist areas such as Scientific Reports (an open-access journal of the editorial group of the Nature journal) to specific areas such as General Biology (PLoS One), Parasitology (Parasites & Vectors) and Epidemiology (Epidemiology & Infection), among others. I am also author of 7 popular science articles in national magazines, including the journals 'Investigación y Ciencia' and 'Quercus', and several post in scientific blogs. I am leading the provisionally accepted book chapter “Urbanization: effects on mosquito populations” as 1st author for the series ‘Ecology and Control of Vector-borne Diseases’ by Wageningen Academic Publishers, and 1 article as 1st author under review in Global Ecology and Biogeography.

H index = 12. More than 560 citations by Google Scholar.

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