2012 - present

Occupation or position held:  Volunteer in the flamingos (Phoenicopterus) scientific ringing program of the of the lagoon of Fuente de Piedra (Malaga) and the marshes of the Odiel (Huelva), organized in collaboration with the Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC). 

Main activities and responsibilities:  bird blood sample extractions.

Name of employer: Jordi Figuerola, Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC), Spain.


16/05/2011 – 21/05/2011

Occupation or position held:  Participation in the 14° field on the migration of the birds of the Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo (Pesaro). 

Main activities and responsibilities:  Control of the migration of diurnal raptors in the Castellare Mount and scientific ringing activity of migratory birds in the center of Brisighella Mount.
Name of employer: Laurent Sonet &Umberto Giusini. Regional authority of Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo; Pesaro (Italy).


02/05/2011 – 07/05/2011

Occupation or position held:  Participation in "Animal Migration" within the Project "Piccole Isole" in the research center for migration in the island of Ponza (LT), Italy.

Main activities and responsibilities: Scientific ringing and research activities on the migration of passerines: material preparation, assembly mist-net networks, extraction, identification and release of specimens captured.

Name of employer:  Massimiliano Cardinale, Italian Center for the Study and Conservation of the Environment (CISCA), Cassino (FR), Italy.


10/08/2010 - 20/08/2010

Occupation or position held: Voluntary in the program of scientific bird ringing to follow the migration of the “Acrocephalus paludicola " and of the birdlife of the Gallocanta lagoon (Saragossa).

Main activities and responsibilities: Preparation of the material and assemblage of the Japanese nets, extraction of samples captured, identification of the species, age and sex determination, biometric data, evaluation of the physical and health states, bird ringing and liberation of samples.

Name of employer:  Luis Tirado Blázquez. SEO/BirdLife, Aragón (Spain).


13/08/2008 - 23/08/2008

Occupation or position held: Legambiente volunteer in the program of protection of the sea turtle "Caretta caretta".

Name of employer: Dr. Antonino Morabito. Roma (Italy).

  • Collaboration as a volunteer in projects to protect the environment, such as MORUS III, IWC Census and the creation of the Atlas of breeding birds of Rome.

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